below is a SOFTACULAR png of the software offered in your webhost package up to 40 software to choose from: store portals, ftp, e-mail, file share, archiving, support, data bases , archiving, blogs, forums, wikis, image galleries, portals cms social networking , other , ands more. this is the ultimate webhost package also coming soon for developers and techs a addition visual studio in cPanel php format i just have to make the extension i already have the software its in my possession just takes some developing!!!!!!!!!!!

c-panel home #1

above is more c-panel dashboard and software offered in the package to make your website of your business easy to make edit and operate with easy store portal software for retail sales.


above is SOFTACULAR apps also shown in the larger picture the apps they offer in the above photograph many software up to 40 to choose from everything you need to operate a business

c-panel home #2

above is another c-panel and software offered to your package to make your website easy to operate edit and manage.

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this above is SOFTACULAR apps dash board all the software you would need to operate your business more then go dady or square space you have more options with this setup, offers support software , archiving software sales portal forums blogs, rss, data bases , cms, email, ftp, file share and tons more. over 40 software to choose from


site pad panel dashboard for website drawing developments and art space. awesome platform for easy fast website development

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above is a ssl certificate signing authority dashboard for easy install of ssl security and validation certificates to authorize you as a secure domain. it is easy to operate.

c-panel home #4

above is more functions of the c-panel software dashboard and more software offered for your use to operate your business. c-panel make making your business domain look easy and it is easy try it now.

easy to set up e-mail accounts

this above is a easy to operate e-mail account signing dashboard for easy e-mail setup for all your clients

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above is ssl certificate signing authority of the c-panel to validate your web site secures and protects all your websites cheapest certificate is from ssl store for $22 a year great feature to have and easy to operate for my customers and your customers to secure their domains if you become one of my techs to webhost for me.

sitepad themes

this above is site pads themes many customizable themes to choose from to develop your site with for your business in full control of editing and design and wording of your website landing page.

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this above is a easy to use ftp signing account dashboard for your use to sign up staff and customers with a ftp cloud drive for storage space like one drive and drop box and google drive but under your own domain. easy to operate.

seo tools

above is seo tools dashboard for tagging advertising your website or watching website traffic with tracking links based on a click of your domain. even if there isn’t a sale to prove customers this feature will at least tell you how many possible customer visited your site. this company software offers great tools and makes it easy to use and operate!!!!!!

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